Sunday, October 28, 2007


So my cousin-B got married over the weekend
I am older than her by 4 days
So EVERYONE kept asking,wondering,speculating.......
when my turn will come

my turn?I have no idea
i just know it will happen
i also know i will be a good wife and mother
and then be less selfish
K says i am(anoda female cousin)

so i told her-K
'single people tend to be selfish'
(i heard it somewhere)
anyways i cant bother being nice to anyone other than family

the most important person to me
is me.....for now....*wink*


Senator said...

Don't any put pressure in u, however, each time u hear it, take it as a challenge and refocus on ur strategies and style. u'll soon get him coming. We should all get married. I don't believe in remaining single, attending others and celebrating single life. Soon u shall be inviting the blogvile

ibiluv said...

not remaining single....
just not killing myself over my status....
blogsville look out.....*wink*

rethots said...

"i also know i will be a good wife and mother..." and that's what matters most.