Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Na wa oooo

Someone i know is in uk-illegally
u know when u are in a foreign land
without a green card hence u must not have a skirmish with the authourities???

well he dey dia with hin fiancee
both of them searching for the golden fleece in uk
hoping to 'hammer' someday and come back home to a grand wedding

well his ex goes to uk on a visit
and he decides to visit her
told a fib to fiancee and heads out

got on the wrong bus with a wrong ticket and conductor nab am
was to pay a fine of 20pounds but he no get for pocket
na so conductor call olopa(police)

na so omo boy begin see naija o
he cried..... serious ooo...he cry
but common sense prevailed thru the tears and he called his ex

she rushes out to go save him
pays the fine and explains to olopa the mix-up

well na so he for find himself for naija
cos he wan go tap that ass.............
not to mention infidelity


Forgiving - Truth Betold said...

i feel so bad for people when they go through so much to get legality into a country. good luck to him sha

ibiluv said...

@forgiving-truth betold....everyone makes choices....thats his choice