Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Ibi

I am 29-today
in the last 5 years,my birthday was melacholic
(my making)
cos i didnt achieve the goals i set for myself
but i have been/am grateful cos I am able to say
THANK YOU to Him for another yr
for good health
eyes that see though myopic
legs that walk
arms that carry
a nose that can smell a lot that isnt its biz(anoda blog)
a mouth that houses a luscious smile
a voice fit for radio if not a career as a singer
a lovely personality
confidante to many

This yr I have done away with the melancholy
Its my last yr as a 20yr old
things can only get better in my 30's
I am glad to be alive/happier than i have been in a while
grateful for those who love me genuinely(and i love back)
wary of those who love me in bits/from far
sure of the fact,the man whose rib i have in me will find me soon
(he is the one whose searching-for his missing rib)*wink*
aware i will get a windfall of money-job?lottery?
who cares-as long as it cures this fear of poverty

so i am just chilling
and i will have a fun filled sunday with family/friends
though no one can feast till evening (ramadan)

but for u all who wanna groove
there will be a shindig next yr
its the 3-0

have a splendid day/week u all


Blind-Truth Betold said...

happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey, youre birthday mates to two dear people i know. Hope you had a great day