Monday, October 22, 2007


What is your purpose in life?

When i was purpose was to be a good mother and wife
I lost that focus years back

My focus now is to laze around but not know poverty

But really,to what purpose are we in the world for?

Do u know yours?


Senator said...

Please go back to ur initial purpose. Being a good mother and wife will not in anyway stop u from reching any height.

ibiluv said...

@senator.....bless u,i dont think i ever 'lost' that purpose,i just kept it on the back burner cos i'm single.......*wink*

Forgiving - Truth Betold said...

i think my purpose is to define myself in uncountable ways, to find love in the oddest places, and to redefine life without cultural/societal boundaries.
My dream is to search for my soul, and hopefully, remain alligned with it even through that search.
I dont care if i get married, i dont care if i have kids, i dont care if i have a million bucks.
But the feeling that i might be able to pass my traits on to another person, makes me want a child. The feeling that i might be able to find another person just like me, makes me want a partner. And the feeling that i might be able to remain ethical, even as a $rich person... makes me want to test myself, by being rich.

but you're right, i wouldnt mind lazying off too. and quite frankly, i do do that a lot.

ibiluv said...

@forgiving-truth betold....profound thots,yea i second u on the lazing around...u go girl....u strike me as someone who will achieve her purpose

rethots said...

...lazying, seems really cute though. But, eventually, whatever (noble thing) we do, if we do well we leave a legacy behind.....our footprints in the sand of time.

ibiluv said...

@rethots.....yea babe.......lazying seems fun but there are other things one is fired up to do......