Saturday, August 18, 2007

tu parles francais?

not sure what to post about

anyone speak fluent french out there?
i need to pass intermediate french
a course i MUST pass as part of the prerequisites to getting my MBA
which i should bag sometime next year
always loved the language
actually went to Alliance Francaise in Yaba for 8 months in 2004
cos i wanted to learn the language of love(i really believe this)
but those verbs?
they undid me
i mean in english we say
I am
You are
They are
We are
not so?
in french..i is Je
you is Tu
he/she is Il/Elle
we is Nous
they is vous
ils/elles is he/she (plural)
but when u have a verb like etre(am)
it is conjugated as Je suis
Tu est
Il es
Nous sommes
Vous etes
Ils/Elles sont
am i right?or i have blundered?
but do i make sense of a verb
that changes for everyone unlike
good old english you are,they are,we are
though i am being made out to be a demi-god in class
cos i seem to understand what the guy is talking about
apparently my 8months dey pay off
but it reminds me
the best way to learn french is to be born french.LOL
but a french man is understood by me to be arrogant and proud
but he LOVES life
and his women


Manda said...

am i first? wow! yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manda said...

ermm, i have not lost my cherry popping skills o! cos i'm 2nd tooo

Manda said...

can u believe i did french in JS3 and i passed o, but i am an olodo in french rite now. i still know the different names for food though. l'igname - yam, du riz - rice, de poissoine - fish (maybe i dont get the spellings o, but i still try small.

Good luck

ibiluv said...

u did aiight
bless u