Monday, August 13, 2007

love letter

4th april 2000
Attraction takes off at different speeds ,but once it does,the feeling is unmistakable.I recognised that feeling the very first time I set eyes on you, you invariably created a flurry of excitement,for there was a magical quality about you, one that evolved the most romantic of images. It was compounded of a variety of elements, the spectacular looks that startled with their impact,the intimate sense of personal style, the intuitive flair for selecting and wearing with great panache the most eye catching of clothes and finally but by no means the least, the dignity in your bearing.

ibi,sorry fr not even bothering to greet you before all this story, it is all to show the excitement in me, it is a thing of pride to meet a woman that is full of knowledge,brave,bold and talent such as you.

ibi,showing my interest in you now does not mean i am a coward but a wise man will always look before he leaps so as not to allow a flashlight to take figure from him

ibi,you are such a lady that a wise man will always run after because of your wealth of character,to cut it short, i think it will b better for us to continue when we meet at Ibadan during the april 21st meeting

please never take this to be a stupid exhibition of character by me but a thing you can think of and analyse

take care of yourself

i care

yours in service

I was digging through my stuff a while ago and i found this,well i turned him down...i did appreciate that he saw all of that in me but i didnt like the letter approach and i was head over heels in love with someone else then...well he is married with kids..the guy i was in love with then is also married..i dont feel i missed out on a marriage with is just nice to know someone cared this much about me sometime ago

i am a happy single and i know he is out there(my soulmate) he just has to find me...he is the one looking for his missing rib...........LOL


UnNaked Soul said...

I drop it like it hot *wink*

Senator said...

Hi Ibi,ur words are philosophical and peotic. I love ur writings perharps, u too. I will like to know you. There may be more ... Senator.

bighead said...

na so! you sound like your fretting? sounds like? no! you are fretting. its fine folks like you that give awon boiz hard time... i mean after the guy spent so much time and courage on that letter. don't mind my acid; i'm quite close to being in his shoes and i feel him big time


why r u behaving like this now..

somebody is looking for his ribs and u dey play with am. u want him to die

nice blog. will definitely always visit

exschoolnerd said...

nice letter..but i guess the feeling wasnt reciprocal.sall good.dnt compromise.

ibiluv said...

@ naked soul.....wink wink
@ senator..bless u4the words of encouragement..there may be more?i do like to discover stuff....bring it on....
@bighead..i wasnt fretting,feel him?well like i said he found someone else so i guess he healed well..ur acid?i like things that burn
@an ibo dude's corner...he didnt die.bless u,hope i can always entertain u
@ex school nerd...babe,i plan NOT to compromise

rethots said...

Naturally, 'tis his job to find you. Trust me, he'll surely find you no matter what.

ibiluv said...

@rethots...........i know