Thursday, August 23, 2007


crazy title?
i know
my cuz and i were hanging out a few days ago
so,this chic sends him a text
then he calls her
he sounds angry..............
why did she send him a text to remind him its her birthday today?
so if anyone hasn't called her by noon does that mean he/she has forgotten?
he didnt forget-he said
so i am thinking..its noon...why hasn't he called or sent a text?
he didnt look like he was planning to spoil someone......
he tells me...........
we are fuckmates so whats the big deal?

so ladies
wives are wives
girlfriends are girlfriends
friends are friends
fuckmates are fuckmates
apparently a fuckmate is a friend of the opposite sex
where both friends help themselves to relieve sexual tension
there is NO relationship
problem is, many girls dont understand the difference

if he never asked you out and you sleep with him
u are probably a fuckmate
a man can function in a relationship where the sex is good
but we(ladies) tend to have emotional ties when the guy keeps coming back
forgerrrrrrit..he comes back for the sex
rememeber they(guys) say
once debe,ever debe(if you have tapped the ass once,you can ALWAYS tap it again)
even when basically all that happened
is a friendship that evolved into a sexual relationship

i advice that in all relationships with a man
LADIES.......spell it OUT in plain language
are u friends?stay sex
are u dating?have sex if you wish
are u married?if u like stay off sex.LOL
dont allow yourself be a fuckmate.....except if U CAN HANDLE IT

maybe u desire to let off sexual tension
without the hassles of being in a relationship
but for ladies...i advice against it


UnNaked Soul said...

first! YAY!
do women have fuck buddies too?
be honest!
cos I know some who do...

Kpakpando said...

sometimes it's the men who can't handle being just a cut buddy. In the past I've had a few who forgot their roles for a while and tried to upgrade themselves. But you're right, define your position very clearly, when you both have your clothes on.

Senator said...

... sometimes its good to allow things flow naturally instead of defining every damn thing. am not a luva of black & white ...

Ibiluv, he read ur comments!log_nt@yahoodotcom

catwalq said...

I am with kpakpando...

by the way, why do u always comment before I do, therebu uselessing the profundness( I think I am very wise) of my comment.

Fuck buddying can get complicated very fast especially if suddenly all sorts of things start being added to the equation. You might look up one day and find that you have been pseudo-dating

ibiluv said...

@unnaked...yea..i know women who have fuck buddies
@kpakpando...well said
@senator...its better to define
@catwalq...i agree with u..she cant diminish ur each her own.....