Monday, July 30, 2007

life goes on

so my VERY first boyfriend(cant remember sharing a FULL frontal hug,much less a kiss) got maried recently
was there
had fun with a group of guys and a friend ,we were all in secondary school together
i and a pal kept adding little snippets to what the pastor was saying
we sure acted like imps in church(GOD forgive us)
it was fun
and i really am happy for him

ironically was at my ex's sister's wedding a week later
and all i wanted to do was strut in front of him so he would see what he is missing
(got hit on though by a good looking dude-felt good)and probably decide to marry me,then i remembered all the love in the relationship was one sided(my side) and i am not going to subject my self to that anymore
my cousin thinks i am nuts.....why did i attend?
she invited me(the bride) and i decided to honour the invitation
didnt seek out the brides's brother though...still have feelings for him and i didnt want the feelings beclouding my judgement so i stayed far away from him
felt stupid later for not strutting...........
i need me a man.........that adores,cherishes,loves ME for me
i promise to do adore,cherish and love him back
where u at?
please come loaded though......................

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