Friday, July 13, 2007


i am sad
yea i lost a part of me
well it sure feels that way

I lost a sister
she died july 8th
I loved her(now i have to talk about her in the past
in sec sch- we were 4-used to hang around together
we did all sorts of stuff together
defied seniors,talked about first crushes,first
loves,studied together,how far we would go
(we didnt go far though)i remember leaving sec sch at
age 15(much too young to go far)
ate together,played together,slept together(we are all
straight- THANK YOU)
and all the other stuff friends do together
we had code names we called ourselves with,cat
we loved to dance,mime,we dabbled into drama and
debating society,press club,discovered a beach
(found a small stretch of sand behind our hostels away
from the noise of the hostel-
we used to go there pretending we wanted to study -all
we did was gist and eat mangoes
u know the kind of friendship where u could almost
read the other person's mind
always knew,felt what the other needed,was feeling,was
talking about
we were that close

since i heard the sad news,its like i have been
watching a movie,playing back all the times we spent
like a movie in my head
now it is too late to tell her how much i love her
too late to tell her how i looked forward to growing
old knowing she would always be there for me
my friend-a support system
someone i dont see often but i can feel her love from
miles away
hoping our kids would be friends
going on trips together with our hubby's and kids
or alone(just us the girls)

i couldn't bring myself to call her hubby(we were in sch together)
still havent caled him
i sent him an sms
i will eventually dig up the courage to call him
thing is........ i dont have the words ....i know
nothing i say is equivalent to what he is going
through right now
other are denying it,refusing to acknowledge the
unfortunately it is true
she is gone
she was ill-in hospital-admitted sat afternoon-dead
sun morn

i can hit my head against the wall,scream, wail but i
know it wont bring her back
but i find solace knowing that
her life was His to give and take
He has taken her from us too soon
but the decision was His to make
i thank Him for the memories
cos she always had and will always have a special
place in my heart
love u MFTA
rest in His bosom

I pray the Good Lord will grant her hubby,mom
siblings and family the fortitude to bear this loss
Adieu dear friend


Nyemoni said...

May her soul rest in peace and may God give her family and friends the fortitude to bear the loss... God bless you!

Be silent said...

My first time here sorry about this i hope ~God keeps u strong

ibiluv said...

nyemoni and be silennt.....amen,thank you and bless u

femme said...


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog congratulations !!

regard from Catalonia - Spain
please visit blog
thank you