Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy New Year

its been 4 u all been?

i'm fabulous.....grateful for and loving life

glad about the way life is treating me
always hoping for better ....reaching out to better

so mum thinks, i should attend owanbe parties more

for some weird reason, that is where the husbands are: in her books

i have the best time when i'm wearing loose fitting tee and shorts

getting glammed up is so tiring....

parties aiint just my forte................owanbe or otherwise...

i have not stopped renewing my couch potato membership

flirting is fun aiint it?
weda said dude is forbidden or acceptable
just as fantasies are fun
weda we get to act them out or not

Dee got me a couple of books last year
richest man in babylon and rich dad poor dad which was fun to re-read
i must admit i spend money a whole lot faster than i make it
so it was his way of schooling me to get me out of owing my bank
i've been schooled but i still love my credit card....

thing is: him getting me those books reminded me i used to love reading
well its so easy to browse the net and just indulge in whatever is online these days
so i've gone back to walking into a bookshop, picking a book
taking my time-so it doesnt interfere with sex,work, home, exams
then getting another.....
someone suggested thinks...maybe for my birthday.....

one weird thing about me
when i get mad...really mad...i can almost feel my blood boil
(cos i'm part wary i dont allow myself become hypertensive like my mum's siblings)
and cos the holy book praises those who control their anger
and cos i wont say sorry for things i say-so i never speak when i'm angry

i give you the evil eye, and walk away then i take a 20-30 minute stroll to calm down

even at work-same thing-i walk away

then when i'm calmer....we can talk.....

i dont allow myself get this angry often....
anyone who knows me knows when she gets mad-then its on

p:s-i'm opinionated
so if its a friendly argument-i'll argue till i get to a point....
then i'll say
that is ur opinion and u are entitled to it
and this is my opinion and i'm entitled to it
and thats that.
and no matter what you do or say after that
you shall not get a word from me on the matter.