Monday, December 31, 2012

Ibi in 2013

hey peeps

so we all make new year resolutions?

i never do

but Jan 2012 i set one goal for Ibi

just one

really proud of me....

i sucessfully achieved it

2012 was a good year

i have decided to set just one goal for 2013

i'll let you all know in a year if i sucessfully achieve it

as for my mum---she needs a son in law...good thing is, she has learnt he will come...patience..His time is never late

my friends---they need for Ibi to own a money never complete,na by force? old truck showed me...and i refuse to buy a car i can only drive with the aid of a throw pillow

my father---he probably needs to get his wife pregnant...oh by the way,i oddly have no hard feelings towards the newly weds...i just dont feel the need to be friendly with his model(na so he talk am-i married a model)...she's 5 yrs older than Ibi-definitely too young to be my stepmum,she's my father's wife-plain and simple...anyone that knows her should advice her..the only children of my father who wish to enjoy her motherhood are the ones she'll bear him...QED

i dont pay for sex

fab news dat you wont pay for it

personally i dont think there should be an exchange of money for sex

you are horny,he is horny...fuck him,let him fuck you and dat is dat

my cousin's with regards married boos

you are married...your pussy dey house

what is wrong with it?

is it loose,cold,worn out,is the baby's head blocking the vaginal canal?

please explain to me why you wont pay me to fuck me na?

as you come my house come carry me say make we go catch up over drinks
come carry me go suites say make you massage me....

help me ask him

did i complain of weary muscles?
did he become a masseur in the couple of months we lost touch?

Ubongda and i were gisting and he has requested i tell her that asking for money wont put every guy off

she loled and said so far it has been foolproof

Ibi's take?

there is always an underlying reason to why men cheat

his wife has changed or he married the wrong woman.....akuko
she doesnt watch porn with him no more
she doesnt give head no more
she is away a lot
she is tired a lot
she wont try new things with him
she spends way too much money
she isnt bringing up the kids the way he wants
she doesnt have a good handle on her staff-domestic or otherwise
she exasperates him
she dis
she dat

he always goes back home to her

if he is not afraid of his wife...good for you

wife number 2 title awaits you or at least you are a kept woman: a mistress

if he is scared of his are OYO

Rita Dominic-i loved you in The meeting

i hated the concept of you in streets of calabar

Phoneswap.....i loved every minute of it

Dr Bello?....isaiah-why did you come to naija for such a silly script?

A wish....some good laffs....and sometimes i just wanted to bitchslap Umoh and Kemi's father

I lift my glass to you a year filled with the Good Lord's unending blessings and mercy...


T.Notes said...

Loving the random flow!
Happy new year...

Myne Whitman said...

Very random, but just like you IBi :)

Happy new year. Do better reviews of those movies, na?

Toinlicious said...

I have missed reading your blogposts Ibi. Happy new year xo

doll (retired blogger) said...

n streets of calabar was so boring i slept off multiple times. was my first nollywood in 5 years or more and reminded me of why i should stay off

Happy new year

Fluffycutething said...

Exciting read as always :D

'Lara said...

I got confused at some point and then I remember it is a random post.

Happy new year and exciting read as always.

CaramelD said...

Happy New Year! x

Fineola said...

Happy new year hun....never a dull moment reading your entries...u stay making sense....absolutely worthwhile

ibiluv said...

@Tnotes...glad to hear
happy new year to u too

send me an email for the reviews

@Toinlicious...bless u dear

happy new year

@Doll...retired but not tired?wink
sorry it had to be your first movie in a while-you need to watch the meeting

@Fluffy...all for una...

@Lara..happy new year dear..

@Caramel...happy new year dearie

Fineola...i try dear...i try...