Friday, October 12, 2012


So i've been away how many months?
i've lost count meself

Ibiluv turned 5 on the 31st of May
and for some reason i was too lazy to come here to celebrate

then i turned 34 on the 7th of October
and was too lazy to come here as well.......

i forgot about sex for the month of ramadhan

i've since remembered sex, but i dont have gist about any sexcapades......

Ibi!!!!!!!!!!! where is your mojo??????

My closest pal felt the need to let her hair down a couple of weeks ago and we
hooked up with some pals whilst dancing

after everyone was kinda spent on the dance floor

we went off to a strip joint

we had her younger bro and his babe in our entourage

the girl froze in her tracks and must have begged every angel in heaven to get her outta there

she gave pal and i, an attitude the next day

and her boyf came to say she was mighty angry she had to experience that and she assumed our male friends who took us along had dishonourable intentions

i laughed so hard cos i couldnt understand how going to a strip joint with pals had anything to do with honourable or dishonourable intentions

i dont need a man to lead me on a merry go round if he wants sum

same as i wont go on a merry go round with anyone if i want sum

reminds me how it was drummed into my ears growing up that you can never pick up a boyf or future hubby at a club

i'm not so sure i agree with that analogy

i hardly do any picking up at the club anyways

its just crazy that if i dump a guy in the friend zone.......there shall he stay

but if a guy find himself in the too hawt to resist zone....its hard to get him outta there

so for every ex whom i never succumbed to.........

its either of two things

you hurt me real bad


sex with you?????

...i dont feel the need to relive

cant relive it cos you are off limits

or cant relive it cos current beau does a better job than you ever did....wink

so is it wrong to hang out with a married pal?
say a group of friends share a meal and sweat (dancing)

seeing that he's leaving the club and heading home to his wife
i have no qualms about sharing sweat with a married pal
but if you think i was dancing too close????

no be me bring ur man come club o

and if you are married to him and you dont have kids below 10
but you let him go clubbing comment

we will dance close to him o
and we will grind against him with our assets sef

dont worry..........

we are only getting him hot and bothered enuff to come home to give you a little sumthing sumthing.........

mwah y'all

Ibi is back!!!!!!!!!!!


Real8 said...

lol...u evil happy belated by the way.
i bet ur friend's brother's girl is all pretence, she was probably hot and bothered from all of that. did you guys tie her and drag her into the joint? abeg make she confess.

doll (retired blogger) said...

missed you....welcome back

Fluffycutething said...

Hope this your return isnt just a tease oh? *winks*

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Welcome minx

Toinlicious said...

Blogsville has missed all your awesome naughtiness (i know it's not a word)

And happy belated birthday!

Toye olutola said...

Welcome back!

dayor said...

Welcome back.

This is my first time here. Happy belated blogversary and happy belated birthday

Tigeress said...

Oct 12th u posted last and u say you are back? lol! All you fallen bloggers.

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

Back or what? Anyway happy anniversary. It's not easy.

ibiluv said... me ask teh girl o



@fluffy....i hope not too dear

@NIL....mwah...wink has ba?...thanks dearie

@toye...thanks visit again...

@tigeress....hehehehhe...mind me not...

@adura...i dey try....