Sunday, May 27, 2012

reality shows.....grandmas....3 wishes

Anyone who comes here

knows i love my reality tv shows

Sad Joshua didn't win idol but i loved the finale
2 hours of fabulous singing

i'm looking forward to a Joshua/Fantasia duet
a Josh album
a Skylar album
a Jessica album

please don't disappoint me people......

Ice and Coco?
love them

Khloe and Lamar?
love them

wont be caught dead watching it


i miss Ola and Chris

Now that maneta and zainab are in upville
i no longer watch downville



stop disgracing me

woman talk to you
instead make you reply
you go cry

man talk to you
instead make you reply
you go cry

parry dey house

instead make you dance

you go gum body for prezzo side

you dey gum body for him side
when he touch you
you go dey do like virgin


PLEASE come back home to make music

i met you briefly at champagne conversations and i was glad i did

as of now
you dey fall my hand

please nominate yourself and come home


because the girl in your videos and the wimp in bba are 2 different people

my colleague says you went into the house to find a husband

since you have found him

please come home


a pal of mine recently got married
she insists she needs help
she wants her mum around

in my place...........its the mother in law that gets to stay

hubby has told his mum to stay away-he thinks both mums don't need to stay

she on the other hand has re-invited her mother to stay

i say she is being stupid

cos if you ask me...its not like she needs help

she is just being lazy and doesn't yet understand that she is married

she wants her mum around her

i love my mum but i wont want her hovering around when i have a baby-my mama is too busy/funky to hover sef

she can go live with my brother(s)

and if my mother in law turns out to be like my friend's
i would love her for dat

pop in for a day or 2 to help
disappear for 4 days to a week.........rather than have her over 24/7 for my 3 months maternity leave

i said my piece when everyone did
which led to both mothers leaving

now dat she has re-invited her mother

i wont say a word

abegggiiiiiiiiiiiiii-before dey will ask me-wetin my own?
as i never marry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i need a genie-3 wishes

i need a wardrobe change

i need a holiday

i need for my new boss to be offered a job at Chevron


Fluffycutething said...


Did your friend just marry or have a baby?

If na marry she just marry then truly she doesnt need an extra hand but if na pikin she born then babes she does need someone. Better her mum too, at least with her mum she can sleep and wont feel guilty about it for eg. Or even be "instructing" her mum on how soft she should boil the meat etc( you get the general idea) Not so with most MILs....

When i had both my boys my mum wasnt available and my MIL too and i know it was lots!!!! of work

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

As usual, I loved your update

My two pence:
-Your friend is playing with fire

I never had anyone over when I had my boys and I survived. Actually, it brought me and my hubby closer
Take care sweetie

doll said...

seconded at fluffy

i can't stand big brother for now

i love khloe and lamar and ice and coco as a couple not necessarily their show, but i love their relationship just like gulliana and bill

bArOquE said...

Do you guys now understand why i love Ibiluv? Her randomness is just right enough to keep me smiling.

As for TV shows, esp BBA, i dont miss Ola for anything, he was cool & all but he fell his hand with that his demand for better health care for highBP, what better care is there for hig blood pressure besides the drugs, diet & rest...very mumu giant, just like Goliath

As for the rest of your rant, i've heard your arguments before so i tend to agree with you if you think your friend doesnt need her mum...i 2nd NIL, she's playing with fire

&yes, i miss you too, iBiluV

bArOquE said...

...i forgot, your 3wishes, if there's anything you think i can do, be sure to tell me...esp the holiday part

Fluffycutething said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Been able two years since i came on here, good to see you are still dedicated to ur craft. Nice work

FineBabe said...

Someone please grant me access to

I'm dying to read his blog!!!!

FineBabe said...

Someone please grant me access to

I'm dying to read his blog!!!!

ibiluv said...

@Fine babe-you can reach Ubong at

ps:-he asked me to tell you to write your own naughty stories for him to read; maybe just maybe he will then grant you access to his blog

ibiluv said...

@ Fluffy-did you get my email?

@NIL-i like the route you took

@doll-heheheheeh@cant stand BBA

@Baroque-miss you too hon

@Hep B-how you doing?

Parakeet said...

Ibiluv, long time. I miss reading your blog. How you dey?

ibiluv said...

@parakeet...i dey here oooo

Anonymous said...