Thursday, April 12, 2012


after being confronted a couple of times by Dee and denying it...
i made an effort to listen to myself and i was shocked.....kinda
to find out my soundtrack is.......a tad religious
i've always thought and insisted...i am a moaner
but to find out i call on HIM....

erm erm Deee...u bad boyyyyyyyy...see what you make me doooooooo

ohhh and soundtracking in a local dialect during sex always sounds ludicrous
i've heard it...and i found it hilarious and no it wasnt Dee

i can be a tease and i do enjoy attention
but i wish small men could read my mind and leave me the fuck alone
i do not wish to measure height with(fuck) my twin(i dont have one)
if you are only about 2 cms taller than Ibi

been mad busy at work lately
oddly enuff i'm happiest if i've got a shitload of work to do
it makes playing much more fun when i get off work

do y'all remember my boss?
the one i wanted to kill?
naija jazz finally got to him
we are no longer alllowed into his office in his absence
and he carries *holy* water around now
which he periodically sprinkles on everyting in his office
apparently hez leaving us in a couple of months
some cocksuckers feigned sadness
i kept a straight face
well.......cos smiling or laffing out loud woud have been u know.....bad

1 more person Lord........that jazz needs to get to
ironically its not cruella
which ever doc is treating her at yaba left now
is doing a good job
shez sane 4 and a half days a week

crazy when Dee is miles away and i'm horny as a bitch
darn it..........I AM A BITCH ON HEAT
loads of cyber sex,online porn and dirty pictures
and darling mr b to the rescue
mr b? my vibrator.....wink

so its 520am now and btw 10pm when i got home and now
i've listened to a couple of movies(i wasnt paying attention)
whilst bantering with Dee and letting the porn vids download
i've also added a new stash to my collection of naughty pictures
and cummmmm a couple of times..........i wasnt counting
i have dinner half eaten-yes dinner dat late cos i skipped lunch
but its time to get up and get ready for work
erm i forgot to sleep....... appetite has been messed up lately-not sure y
i'm gonna get me some vits-i've lost a kilo or 2
loosing kilos isnt acceptable oooooo

Ubong sebi u know i'm talking about ya friend
hmmmmmmmm i have gist for you
lets discuss this away from blogspot

ciao people!!!!!!!!!!


Fluffycutething said...

lol@your boss.... Who did he offend now?

How've u been?

Toinlicious said...

lmao @ sound-tracking in a local dialect during sex...i wonder what words will be used....Igbo should be fun (Chineke, biko & thinz) but Yoruba will sound soooo wrong :D

mizchif said...

I love you Ibi. #thatisall

ibiluv said...

@Fluffy-i'm guessing......everyone

@Toinlicious...i agree..yoruba would be soooooooo wrong

@mizchif-luv u rite back babes-cyberhugsssssssss

SHE said...

Someone is having fun!

Howz it lady?

ibiluv said...

@SHE.... i sure am

i'm gud