Sunday, February 19, 2012


met a good looking guy a while back at work

we flirted on the fone a couple of times

i may have fantasised about straddling him-wink

but guy has gone underground............i'm 6 years older

i miss the flirting though

i'm sooooooooooooooo loving Adele right now

Sad about Whitney
tired of all the hate directed at Bobby
we all make our own way in life
i pray she found peace with God before going under


Fluffycutething said...

hmmmm @ the last line! i like the pun;)

Toinlicious said...

Well it's been said that age aint nothing but a number so you can still straddle #wink

I almost wana hug d guy who broke Adele's heart. I culd hug him den step on his toes with heels #evil

livelife said...

@the Bobby-Whitney comment; I think I agree with u, the hate is really too much. At least she got a beautiful daughter from him. God rest her soul.


SHE said...

I find Adele interesting, but she depresses me a bit.

Go ahead and straddle the guy, if he's available. Age is only in the mind. *wink*

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

LOL. Singers and flirting combined huh? Not bad, but you should at least made it longer. :)

zimmer hip class action

FineBabe said...

Please how do I get access to Ubong Da's blog or get him to grant me there a follow tab or messsage tab or something?..


Ubong Da said...

Trust me you don't want to read such corrupting blog.

ibiluv said...

@Fluffy....abi o

@toinlicious...erm--erm...Dee wont know if i straddle the youngun ba?sad thing is i dont mix semen....wink.... thoughts exactly

@SHE...she does doesnt she--lolllzz
cant straddle him-fantasies are all i need-my sex life is generally monogamous....wink like the longer blogs too ba?will try next time

@Finebabe....Ubong has decided to keep his blog locked...why he tends to be that selfish-i'll neva understand

@Ubong...darling ya blog for finebabe please

vixen hot said...

Ubong I need to be invited to your blog plss. I have heard a lot about it.