Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday Cards

I used to really appreciate them........birthday cards
i love words
it takes me forever to form them
cos i never take words for granted

i've always been a note writer
i'll write a note/text/mail to my boss,colleague,subordinate
rather than call/or walk up to a person

words can be beautiful
leave you happy even when you are penniless
just like a great big bear hug practically cures depression

the best words???
those left unsaid

2 days ago
bad head space
everything was work related
and to cap it ...i was bone tired and hungry
i was dragging myself to get brunch when a pal walked up to me and without a word gave me a hug
it was so sweet of him to do that
ibi i hate it when you look forlorn
what is wrong?
this place i said
we laughed.....

Cruella has been a good girl lately
but cos evil never completely erodes
her evil side showed up last week
3 days of ignoring her and shes back to being sane

its my other boss....he, i would love to poison

the job is fyne-i love it
the pay sucks..........
my colleagues-fun people
my boss.........i hope he drops dead

back to words..........

i honestly cant remember the last time i went off to buy one
i cant be bothered anymore to find a meaningful card
a text message- a bbm display picture-a bbm-a voice note
all of that and more will do it
why buy cardboard that will eventually be used to pack dirt?????

oh and by the way-a birthday gift will show just how much you care
the more useful it is to the person the more meaningful

so out with birthday cards...in with...gifts
cash gifts?
always a pleasure


Myne Whitman said...

Physical cards have their time, but these days I usually go with e-cards or real gifts.

I hope your work situation sorts itself out. And merry Christmas in advance.

'Lara said...

Do people still buy physical cards anymore. E-cards and especially real gifts are more appreciated.

All the best with work, Happy Holiday.

Toinlicious said...

I used to love cards and buy them even when i don't need them but with the hope i will give em out eventually. i'm sure i still have a couple but i think the-card-period is kinda gone.
bydway, leme know the poison u settle for. i might be needing same for mine #wink

SHE said...

*hug hug hug*
*hug hug hug*

Let me know when you don't want anymore...

ibiluv said...

@Myne--i pray so too cos dude just gets more evil by the day(work)
xmas was fun dearie

@Lara-howdy babe

@toinlicious...na bad eye be the poison o-i no fit kill person papa-even as he be idiot

@she...hugs and cyber kisses