Sunday, February 13, 2011

rude,iron,crib,mum,fat,house,eyes only

She's in the living room
explaining every scene of the movie as if my brother is deaf and blind
i would love to shut her up
but wetin concern me
i guess i'm just irritated cos she didnt notice big sister Ibi and greet
the dumb spawn of my mother didnt greet either
so is it her fault?

i don enter my room....lock my door
i will punish him for said crime later....

in between
i truly am an evil sister.....
in the last year
2 steam irons have found their way to the scrap yard
i dont trust my brother
things electrical always go bad around him

its exasperating cos the asswipe has a degree in electrical electronics from an obodo oyibo university

you people should sha tell him

i have replaced gen,pumping machine,fan,iron,since he rolled into town
i will castrate him if anything happens to my kettle,fridge and microwave

oh...hehehehehe i recently bought a new iron and i am hiding it in my room

went to say hi to my pal at her place
nice crib
really nice

i'm not speaking to my mum
matter of fact i think she owes me an apology
the way it happens-when we both get upset
we dont talk for 2 weeks
thats like her limit
then her eldest sister calls and mandates me to call mum and apologise

this tyme i will also demand my own apology

if she wont give it

i prefer to stay dis-daughtered

i wonder why birthing me gives her the right to dole out shit to me and i am expected to lap it up

this text message whey she send to me dat day ehn(whey dey vex mi)
i will make her apologise for it o
either directly or indirectly.......

all these fat in my belle(2inches of fat)
please go to my bum
neither I nor Dee likes dis belly fat
we both prefer yansh fat
truth be told
na me dey find yansh fat
he loves Ibi's ass as it is
and considering i gained a few kg's recently
ibi's ass is looking gud!!!!!!!!!!!
crunches here i come.....

so Dee teased me about not registering for bba6
are you worried i may be worried about you getting horny and fucking some dude in the house he asked
my job i said
not a gud enuff excuse he said....
i know you Ibi
kisses and mayb blowjobs is as far as you will go
i grinned.....

got me wondering though...if i really went into the house
would i stay unfucked by anoda cos Dee might watch/hear
or cos Mama Ibi might watch/hear
quite frankly Dee-much as i love you and we both know i will stay unfucked in the house(if i enter)cos i love love love making love to/with you...
its the mama Ibi situation dat will keep my pants up
cos if i stray i know you will forgive me
she wont............

some outfits i buy
just to wear for Dee
if its really short and its not a pair of shorts
its just for Dee's eyes
if i've got mi boobs spilling out
its just for Dee's eyes

i recently allowed Akin talk me into these 2 gowns
both short
but.....not too short
a little more than i would normally do............
but i find that i'm looking forward to getting my sexy self into them clothes and getting *toasted*


Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...


hmmmmm....quite a monologue. On the mom tip, we don't choose our parents. Just accept her for who she is (accepting don't mean agreeing)it will stop you from getting hurt with unrealistic expectations.

revealing clothes is a form of sexy but true true sexy is a state of mind. The mind is the captain and the body the crew that must follow so keep the mind sharp, nourished and active.

Have a blessed and satisfied week.

doll said...

i second blessing on your mum!

LOL@ dumb spawn

Happy vals day IB

lani said...

hmmmm ...
so much said there ...
but i'll touch on your mum ting.... apologising does make you a better person .. we are urged to PURSUE peace...

happy valentine

Naijamum said...

LOL @dumb spawn
Your brother must be a 'joy' to have around.

SHE said...

I have always wondered about their family too. Those people who have sex on BBA.

Leave your brother with the electrical appliances. Someday, he'll make a technological breakthrough. Hehehe!

Fragilelooks said...

lol @ ur brother.

hmmmmmmmm someone's asking for a lil something something

Mena UkodoisReady said...

lol, you are outrageous! Almost as bad as my mental namesake:

I am following you immediately!

Latest blog



Fluffycutething said...

Feel like i missed a post in between....

You were on a celibacy route last i remembered....

who's dee? why's he in your bed pls????? **** lost look on my face****

Afronuts said...


Okay...what was I laffing at? I can't place a hand on it but u went random hilarious with all those happenstances...seriously, ur life must be a melodramatic comedy.

Couldnt stop laffing at the ish with ur bro.

ibiluv said... mum i would choose if i had choice
she gets on my case sometimes and i rant on my blog cos i want to
but as a rule i dont seek solutions to my life from my blog comment page

on what is sexy
to each his own......

on a blessed week-i wish you same second blessing on what????

@lani....apologising makes me better????
i am all for peace
but parents too should say sorry when they need to....

@Naijamum....real joy.........wink

@SHE....BBA peeps.....i sure do....
he berra....soooonnn...wink much as he makes me wanna tear my hair out
i love him lots

i sure am..........wink

@Mena.....i am....*blush*....(outrageous)
follow go............

@Fluffy...Dee has been in my bed over a year...cos i want him in it
lost????find yourself by going thru old posts is...this life of mine....wink

doll said...

on the tip bout your mum. DUH! LOL