Monday, January 24, 2011

sex...candidate...24 vs girls

you walk into a room looking and smelling like sex
if an ex was there......
would it *all* be about him?
or are you just allowing yourself enjoy the shark frenzy?
especially since boyf is home with a fever?
i guess it's a little bit of everything........

and then when he(the ex) walks up to you to say
you look good.......
you flutter your lashes and say
i know

30 mins later he sends you an email
had to were giving me a woody..........


and so my brother thinks i am a good candidate for bba6
i kinda think i would make interesting tv
but i guess if i ever went for bba
my mum would disown me
Ibi would forget the cameras
while i may not be the slut everyone hates but loves to watch
my mother wont forgive me the kisses i would steal.......wink

when i was 16
i told myself i wanted to get married at 24 to a man who is 33
i still prefer my men way older than me.....
mostly because older men know their own mind
.......a man has to be very sure of himself to handle ibi

younger men mostly irritate me
yea i like to say exasperate
but i'm mostly irritated

i turn 33 in a couple of months so if i am still hunting down
my perect age gap-he would be 42......
hence he must be married with case scenario widowed
cos the other options are divorced or seperated

so am i trying to snatch,share someone's father and claim him as my baby?
my uncle got married 3 months ago
at 44 he was very single-never married-no kids
so if Baba Loke wants to grant my wish for an older man
he's out there.........

but if he thinks i am best suited to a 35,37,39 year old
i'll take him
i dont care for labels
i'll even take a 25 year old

so HO told my pal that when we dated i didnt give a damn
so i sent him a lengthy email
met him at my Aunt's christmas party
one of the first things he told me was........
i dont drink....i dont smoke cos i am badddddd enuff without these vices
then he goes on to say
you know how people say omoluabi
i am omo without the luabi
which loosely translates to i am the baddest motherfucker you can lay your eyes on
my Aunt scolded,threatened,quarrelled with me over the thing we had relationship friends with benefits...fuckbuddies
but I had found out by then that the sex was great
and Ibi remembered that was *all* he put on the table
it was all i had to give as well

its been 9 years we were an item and he says
i didnt give a damn

i didnt

i mirror the men in my life

you give a damn-i will
you treat me like dirt-i will return the favour
before i kick ye to the kurb

my brother pulls his weight around the flat
i will cook him meals
he doesnt.........he starves

my father actually foots *a* bill
i will run my ass ragged when he sends me on errands
as he never does-i dont run errands

the man in my life gives a shit-i will
he acts like an ass-i will return the favour

hey Ubong....our friend is yellow

i'm slighty depressed at some shit that went down at work
i'm most upset with self cos i see now what i should have done to avert the shit hitting the fan

i dont wear my emotions on my face or sleeve but it slowly trickles into everything i touch

and my support group isnt doing much to get me out of this rabbit hole i have fallen into

been a while i updated
needed to vent....

i'm due for a day/nite out with my girls

calling them up now

we'll insult each other...tease each other mercilessly,laff and cry together and they'll give me the comfort i'm currently craving....

be back soon peeps...........wink


Naijamum said...

Welcome back...I enjoyed this update. *smile*

Tega said...

'I mirror the men in my life'

I do too...I should stop doing so for the horrid eye for an eye...the world will go blind...

Sorry about the rabbit hole...Be better soon...x

doll said...

33!!! Wow....

LusciousRon said...

If I had a big sister, I think it would be you! I mirror people all the time! As in.

Rock on. I pray you find that single older dude soon.

Fluffycutething said...

Not sure why i always assumed you were like 25/29 thereabouts!!!

You out of the rabbit hole yet? ***hugs***(for the rabbit hole lol)

rethots said...


*scratches head* how old is R?

SHE said...

Hope you pop out of the hole soon.

Makes sense to mirror the men jare. Except you are mother christmas...

Myne Whitman said...

Long time, and welcome back. You have to bring down the gap o, cos there are some men, young but wise beyond their years.

Shadenonconformist said...

I always thought i would be on mtv's "real world". I used to love that show as a teen. My favorite season was the crew from las vegas. But i just thought i would be too boring for the show. lol.

Sorry about being sad about what happened at work. Hope it gets better.

Honestly, I thought i was one of the few who mirrored the men in her life. Glad to know I'm not alone:)

I pray the Lord God, in his infinite wisdom, grants you what you heart desire's.

Ps: My first time here:)

Who am I? said...

sometimes, i just hate men...and then I try women and it's even more complicated...
friendship is everything's what we should seek first...friendship and good

Afronuts said...

"i dont wear my emotions on my face or sleeve but it slowly trickles into everything i touch"

I like that line...its powerfully something a narrator should say in a thriller movie.

ibiluv said...

@Naijamum.....i aim to please....

@Tega.....thanks dearie..out of the rabbit hole...

@Doll...yea in a couple of months!!!!!!!!

@Fluffycutething...25?that was aeons
yea i got outta the hole...thanks luv

@Rethots.....check your birth certificate....

@SHE....i am outta it-thanks dear.i am no mother

@Myne.....glad to be back....i am blind and deaf to age but thats my preference

@Shade....thanks dearie-you are not visit often

@Who....wink-i concur-its all about friends and great sex

@Afronuts...bless alter ego is a world renowed author

doll said...