Sunday, March 13, 2011

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so sometimes it crosses our minds.....
not to be as we are in the presence of those we love
because sometimes they judge us harshly
i guess we are all human
and when a person strips himself/herself so you see dem as they are
you really should be more grateful that hurtful
and if they are no longer toeing that line
dont sing dat broken record of you shouldnt have
said person already made a platinum album out of said phrase for self

people sometimes react a certain way about who you were or who you are
and in the person's reaction.....the person hurts you
whether they know it or not
a lot of times i'm slow to comment...
slow to react...
slow to do just about everything in my life
cos i hate being wrong
and i only ever regret the things i didnt have the guts to do or say
there is nothing in my past i am ashamed of
i may shield some parts of me from certain people
but allowing a person(s) see me
as i am
is a really big deal
so when i am then judged by that person
it hurts.......deep
ironically......said person may not even know they hurt me
but they will............they will
cos someday i will bring it up and they will know just how bad
dat laff
that smirk
dat harsh word
dat ungiven hug.............hurt

i am looooovvvvviiinnnnggggggg Naomi Mac
she's soooooooooo breathtaking
602 to 34365
abeg make una vote jare
maybe una go win motor
chei this kind free advert
Naomi u owe me ooooooooo

i was for the brothers to win Naija sings
i was miffed Casey won
but his single is not bad

and have you heard Tonii-idol evictee's new singles?

i like............a lot

as for american idol
i have not really heard dem all
but Scott can propose to me anytyme
such a voice........swoooonnnnnnn
and he's 16

Naima is cute....she is doll like
i liked her umbrella rendition
albeit pitchy.....
i hope she gets better

and Pia has pipes.........
its hard to do a celine,aguilera,whitney and maria
and she did celine so well..........

so a person has a problem
eg she needs a car
everytyme you see said person you ask how far?
the need to buy the your need to see her in a car greater than her need to own one?????

note to married friends of single people
dont ask your single pal *every time* you see/call/write/mail/bbm/tweet said person
how far?
is getting married....the same as choosing what gown to wear to what dinner party???

i dont ask you how far?
with when you plan to have number 2
or when you plan to move out of your rented apartment into your own home
or some other silly question
if a person is single and you have not magically produced a spouse suitable to that person
stop *how faring* them

later you will complain they dont vist
how dem go visit?
all you will do is how far dem and moreover did getting married somehow suggest to you that your single friend is the jobless one that must come visit you always?
dem gum ya own yansh for ur house?

we ask God how far all the tyme
He always replies............soon

dats good enuff for me/we/us

you people should stop how farring us

if i have not seen you in 8 years and you ask me,how far?
i get are catching up

if you saw me yesterday and ask me how far
i'll poison your drink

i'm depressed..........
i want to win a lottery
there's none going on at the moment...or is there?
please when you hear of a lottery
make una let me know
i love the things money can buy
so i really really like money
but i dont love money
else i would have......let me keep my evil thots to myself
i wont do anything to get it(Money)
but i would love to win the ottery

yes i know...........a lazy man's dream
i never lied about being lazy..........

i watched the vice presidential debate and i wonder why Sambo went to cause traffic from the airport to abeokuta instead of facing his peers
in btw i have a distant uncle as a vp aspirant
so make una no try me
ibi will soon be in aso rock as the vice president's official speech writer

i've been thinking of a change of career a lot lately
i havent really done anything about it......yet
let me just roll it in my head for a bit longer
i may take the plunge soon

i seem to have developed a considerable amount of dislike for my boss
no not Cruella
me and her are cool these days
its the big dawg
he smiles a lot and just talks/acts damn rite nasty
he has also perfected the act of lieing thru his teeth
these days all i wanna do is slap the idiot

i prefer nasty people with dour expressions
but an always smiling fuck????.........he makes me cringe

in part he is one of the reasons i wanna leave
i don tire to dey see him face

found this online
a pal of mine wants to know if there is a site that caters to women as well
let us know............


Naijamum said...

LOL @ 'people asking 'how far'....
You know, people always like rubbing anything you are lacking in your face. Nigerians are not quite subtle also

That is how 'they' kept on asking me 'How far' when I was trying to have a baby..*hissss*
Now, I have only boys the new question is - 'How far, you no go try for girl?'
Try ke? As in... the child can be returned to God for a refund - if it's a boy? *sigh*

Please, when you do win that lottery - or your uncle makes it to the white house, remember me!!! *wink wink*

Myne Whitman said...

Scotts voice on AI is awesome, so groovy!

Good luck with getting the car, and winning that lottery and don't mind the how farers. lol...

Remember us in your kingdom o.

As for loungebella, I second on asking where is the one for women. Surprised too, I think I recognised one girl whose face was not blanked.

SHE said...

Seriously, I feel you on the first point. You really don't want to "hide" from them, but they make you do so!

Who is Naomi Mac sef? *blank look*

Don't mind those "how far" people jare? they like to how far everything. How far with admission to Uni, how far marriage? How far children? how far boy, or girl? mscheeew.

Funms-the rebirth said...

"dont sing dat broken record of you shouldnt have
said person already made a platinum album out of said phrase for self"


and err, u sure it's your friend that wants to know about a lounge bella for women?

Tega said...

I like how your thots just fall on the keyboard

I'm all against 'How far-ing' and 'judgmental' folk...If the persin get news dem go tell

When you enter Aso-rock...many pipu dey your back

Have a good week babe...x

~Sirius~ said...

I need the lottery too o! Please when you find where to buy ticket, please holla @ me.

ℓoℓ @ "how faring"
It never ends, when you marry, the next question is "how far, when is the baby dropping"

I tire.

Toinlicious said...

"if you saw me yesterday and ask me how far
i'll poison your drink"...Classic. I'll help with the poison "wink".

@Sirius, i swear it neva does & even afta d 1st 1, u"ll still hear "Nicole ma ti too gba aburo ke" mshew (as if dey'll pay tuition 4 her tuition 4me)

Freaksho said...

go ahead. slap your boss. it's perfectly acceptable and encouraged all over the world.

Smaragd said...

IBILUV!!! ever so pleasantly random and all over the place, great to see you've maintained your style.

I love Scotty's voice mehn, "Baby lock the doors and turn the lights down low..." lol. But Jacob is amazing, and James Durbin is out of this world, will give Adam Lambert a run for his money, and now Stefan is waking up. Naima was so cute with her afrocentricity!

I second you on the "howfarers", pls pls pls! ask how far and YOUR DRINK WILL BE POISONED!lol or a virus sent to your BB! hehe

Okay, seriously though, you gast to get the car babe!!! *hides drink* lol

I've missed your blog and ur teeny voice.

Smaragd said...

Oh and I want to win the lottery too!!!!

Smaragd said...

PPS! that loungebella is gangster! my jaw fell out when I saw the site. "our escorts are well-mannered, educated girls..." why not just add "with a bachelors degree in aristo-ism and now enrolled in a masters of commercial sex working!"

CaramelD said...

God bless you for that 'How far' section. I am ready to start slapping people. In fact if you slap your boss, let me know and I will slap my how farers!!

Flourishing Florida said...

this is a depressing post. i hope you're ok (note, am not asking how far o). pls, do take care. u know say i like u a lot

Flourishing Florida said...

i couldn't post my comment using my wordpress blog. what gives? u deactivated that option?

Fragilelooks said...

just last week i had a dream where i won 50million naira and woke up with a pen and paper writting what the money was gonna be used for. lol.
like seriously, i need to win somethin big asap

adedamola said...

ibi ow far naa ... can i fall in love wif u on good friday?

ibiluv said...

@Naijamum...abi o
no mind dem
my uncle did not make it

@Myne..still rooting for Scotty
you recognised one?
*small world*

@SHE....Naomi mac?contestant on nigerian idol
yea its how far everything....mschewwwwwwww

yes o
my male friend sef
he's curious if guys are out dia like dat uncle lost-sob
thanks-you too sport

@Sirius....i sure will...wink
i can imagine.... dey mind dem?
yeye people

he'll turn red......

@Twinny....the car?
awwwwww at missing the voice
yea-need the lottery
my dear-dat lounge bella na dieeee

@CaramelD-i'm thinking slash his tyres?

@Florida...not sure i did

@Fragilelooks...50million?thats fabbbbbbbbbbbb

@Adedamola....fall in love?