Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Seen the series?
its nice shey?
the story line is fab, aiint it?
Omari's body is a work of art
that man can arch my back anyday
still not sure if its the series i love or the sex scenes

...long slow kisses...
my heart smiles when i feel him shudder

he doesn't state it much
i'm cumming...
i can feel him cum
but i love it best when he screams my name
well maybe not a scream
a growl..wink wink

i get a kick from seeing someone on the dining table or the couch
and knowing what we did/plan to do to the poor furniture
if only the inanimate objects in this home could speak
people wouldn't bother to visit us


Toinlicious said...

I downloaded Power after reading reviews from Taynement's blog. I found just 8 episodes i think. I'll do justice soon

ibiluv said...


season one has 8 episodes

season 2 does not start till June

harada57 said...
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