Monday, September 8, 2014


Trying to suggestively tease someone by stroking their stomach and making them flinch uncontrollably because it turns out, rather than making them want to orgasm wildly, you’re putting them through sheer hell with your relentless tickling.

how y'all doing?
everyone staying safe?
ebola tinz?

so weird 

such a fast acting virus

i'm addicted to haribo
the happy cola type

my mates are addicted to caffeine or tobacco
i was addicted to caffeine a few years ago-broke it off when i triggered an ulcer attack
a baddddddddd one

so since then-I've kept my addictions simple
now all i have to worry about is pile or diabetes

oh and by the way
i may be a sex fiend but i'm not addicted to sex

need to see my dentist
i need an s&p
a refill and an extraction
all 3 procedures-same day

then no work for the 3 days it will take my gum to heal

need a vacay.....

i'll be back.....


tboz said...

Please take it easy on the sugar dearie... neither pile not diabetes are things to be toyed with.

Besides, they both affect the quality/quantity of your sex life! (if you need encouragement)

Blogsville does seem to have evolved, or maybe folks are just so much more engrossed in just getting by with life.

This Ebola... is beyond nasty. My spouse is paranoid about it. The house is all bleached up and so on. Also found out that sanitizers come in 4 litre bottles! We all should just try our best to stay safe and decontaminate as often as possible.

I honestly feel for you, but I trust your dentist is capable?

Whoever said you were addicted to sex? Is there truly such an addiction?

Easy to stay away from blogsville.... but we always wander back now and again.

You stay good and well.

ibiluv said...

there's good old agbo to combat pile and diabetes-not planning to acquire either ailment but life is too short to live without sweets

it sure has evolved

the paranoia is real-especially with kids

tiger woods had an addiction? not so?

same to u...


Fluffycutething said...

You both should come around here more often ;)

harada57 said...
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