Monday, November 2, 2009

Hallow wetin?

Wetin concern me with blending in with ghosts?

Wetin my own with costume?

A scary one at that????????

My people.................

From the moment i'm outta my door till i'm back within the comfort of my home

Na so so conversation with Baba

Because that Him banner no suppose comot from our head o

Eko le ni( Lagos Hard)

By God's grace-I will not meet and they will not meet me

Phone collectors
Tax Collectors
Time Wasters
Unneccessary Bumper to Bumper Traffic
Car Jackers

All the above no do me?

Why set aside a day to extra scare meself???????

i dont need me a special day to remind myself
to prepare myself to be scared

Can someone advice my neighbourhood kids to stop with the fireworks already?(banger)

I hate being startled.............

and the one that is unfortunate to be caught by me................


tboz said...

Na halloween (imported and irrelevant event) abi na early xmas? (also imported tho relevant thru our religious conversions)

whicheva, lef d small bois make dem njoy demsef abeg! who sai make u dey fear loud noise? (and silent cockroach?) lol..

dont 4get, if in doubt, call OPC!

Nice Anon said...

lol ha haaaaa. Your definition of Halloween is a classic!

bArOquE said...

halloween sha oh, that day na some people bday oh, as for me, scary costumes or not i'm interested in anything that comes with good music & brings forth free booze...costumed or nakeded

Fragilelooks said...


CaramelD said...

LOL @ Fragilelooks. Halloween is so imported I still think it sits awkwardly in Nigeria.

smokey48141 said...
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smokey48141 said...

It's all about money...candy, costumes, parties etc. Welcome to USA Inc.
-Rosie aka Lucidlilith

Myne Whitman said...

Hallow wetin? LWKMD.

Do they do Halloween in naija now? Na waooo

Harry-Rami Itie said...


Vera Ezimora said...

LOL. Nne, try to catch one of those kids and show him small pepper. Then who no know go know.

LOL @ the extra day to scare yourself. My dear... imagine the likeness ooo!

incoherent said...

have to agree with caramel wetin b halloween? why is it even become recognised in nigeria? why is it that we do away with our own "juju" calling it "unchristian" yet embrace other people's? i'll never understand this country

histreasure said...

lol..very funny post

convo with Baba full time o till your feet enter ur house..lmao

Parakeet said...

When did Nija start celebrating Halloween? Didn't remember us doing that as kids o.

Omotee! said...

So we don start halloween for naija? shuo, our very own WILI WILI and OJUJU no do us?

N.I.M.M.O said...

The way you describe Halloween is classic, I will say.

True we really have enough to scare us in Lagos without setting a day aside for scaring but you know anything for a party will take hold in Lagos. Trust us.

I beg don't touch those kids o. Dem never make law banning banger o.

TinTin said... sentiments exactly!!

ibiluv said... at fear cockroach-i no fear roaches-i detest them

as for dem kids.....warn them.....


@baroque.....i understand a buffday or even just a party.....frankly its the message of halloween that irritates moi to beat them o.... does for most peeps....

@smokey48141.....when u put it that way,i can understand....anything to spend and make money.......

@myne whitman....some people dey do am o

@harry-rami itie....whaddup

@vera....i go show am wetin pepper dey do eye,if i catch any pickin...which likeness???? i for do???? na recently we borrow the trad.....

@omotee! wili wili and armed robbers....all of them join....

@nimmo.....i dey describe wella....i know lagos people....them like party....i go beat any pickin whey venture to throw banger near my feet person...helep me tell them....*wink*